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Contix’s mission is to provide value to traders and investors by delivering actionable, breaking news from social media sources and placing that news in context. We employ sophisticated and proprietary technology to identify breaking news events relevant to financial markets before other news sources. Contix’s unique technology clusters related news from social and traditional sources and places that news in context with market and social data including price, trading volume, discussion volume and sentiment. View Live Site


Contix's brand is a confluence of visual language from finance and social media. Finance is conveyed via strong geometry and motion utilizing the semantics of red and green. Social Media is in the negative space.

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User Experience Design

Utilizing natural language processing and statistical models to analyze over half a billion posts per day involves significant complexity. It's important that utilizing the user interface does not. Ikayzo worked with the Contix team to develop a simple and intuitive onboarding wizard and column based view system that makes it easy for users to describe what interests them, organize their alert streams and see new events in a rich data context via Viewpoints.

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Contix is focused on the complex field of discovering late-breaking, market-moving events that are relevant to investors. We find differentiated news well ahead of the competition by employing domain-specific techniques that catch news items others miss.

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