Investment Banks & Firms

Four of the top ten investment banks, leading hedge funds and PIMCO, the world’s largest bond investor, have trusted Ikayzo with their apps. Our work for finance customers includes user experience design, interactive design, data visualization, software architecture and software auditing. We've built everything from fixed income analytics apps and portals to natural language processing for reports from back to front.

Portals & Wikis: Bank of America

Ikayzo replaced Microsoft Sharepoint™ with a much easier to maintain wiki system and wrote custom plugins to accommodate requirements from multiple groups, including the quantitative team. The plugins ranged from a MathML renderer to custom search. The results were a less expensive system that people wanted to use with multiple enthusiastic internal advocates / contributors.

Fixed Income Analytics: Bank of America

Ikayzo provided engineering and user experience design services for Bank of America's SoFIA (Suite of Fixed Income Analytics) application. As part of the rewrite we created a declarative desktop UI framework to speed the development process before any such framework existed in the Java ecosystem. We also created a bank-branded widget set (not pictured) that was used across other applications within the bank.

Desk Commentary Management: Top 5 Investment Management Company

Ikayzo was approached to solve the problem of trader's inboxes being inundated with desk commentary, often for areas not relevant to the traders receiving them. We flipped the model to a Twitter-like system with a client that allowed traders to trivially follow and unfollow individual analysts and groups. As a result, traders were able to receive only the information relevant to them without any of the noise.

Global Federated Search: Top 5 Investment Management Company

Ikayzo designed and implemented a global search system allowing team members to do Google-like searches over all data the organization had for companies, sectors and topics. The architecture provided an API allowing groups using various architectures across the organization's globally distributed offices to provide a window into their data. The UI included sophisticated autocomplete and finance domain-specific features.